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hat does it mean to be a modern day shaman? 

In modern times, our quickening pace and disconnection from nature means we rarely carve out time for ritual and ceremony. Sometimes we need that person in our community to remind us to pause, reflect, connect and intentionally acknowledge nature's rhythms and the thresholds we cross in life.

I created Ceremona Rituals to reconnect with my own lineage, to be of service and to offer powerful ceremonies for all of life's rites of passage - marking them the way our ancestors did, with reverence and respect.  I would love to journey with you - whether by sitting in circle together or by handcrafting a ceremony or blessing to honour a significant transition. 


IN the old ways

- Ann taylor

Since time immemorial, human beings have performed rituals for all of life's most important moments. 



life is worth honouring

When we go through major life events without marking them appropriately, we lose the opportunity to anchor that moment in our experience. 

There is nothing I love more than creating a customised ritual for life's most profound moments. Let's slow down, get back to the old ways and reconnect with what it means to be human.

hether it is the birth of a new baby, coming of age or preparation for marriage, there is a perfect ritual waiting to come forth.



ann has a beautiful way

 of making everyone feel seen, connected and apart of something... She really is shining her light and making the world a better place. More people need to experience her magic.

- carlie, brisbane

i thank you

for embracing me into a space of reflection, support, charging energy & connection. I look forward to sharing more evenings in Circle with you.

- phoebe, brisbane

every circle

 that she hosts feels like a big, warm hug from the moment that you walk in. She does everything with such intention and that really carries through in to the energy of the experience. 

- christie, brisbane

ann holds space

beautifully and brilliantly... she is gracious, kind spirited, and skilled at leading others through profoundly moving and reflective experiences. I am always uplifted by spending time in her presence.

- MICHELA, brisbane

let's connect

Leave your details below and a message about what type of ritual you are interested in. I would love to organise a chat with you to discuss handcrafting a ceremony that honours the power of the moment you or your loved one are preparing for in life.  Please note I have weekend availability only in 2022 & am fully booked May, June, Sept and Oct.

get in touch. your ritual is waiting.

Thank you!

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